reading notes for Empire Games Series, Book 1 - Charles Stross


the Commonwealth War Command responded to the uncertain threat in accordance with the age-old syllogism of the uncertain; something must be done, this is something, therefore this must be done.

Commonwealth Cybernetic Agoric Allocator

Second Artist Effect to her class: “The first artist paints the landscape they see with their own eyes. The second artist paints what they see in the first artist’s exhibition. They can’t show you a true representation, because they never saw the real thing in the first place.”

“Diffusion of responsibility meets infighting,

that old-time/new-time/para-time religion.

Now we’ve got a multiverse to police, and no clear idea what’s going on out there. So people with a clear idea of what they want yell the loudest and set policy. And we end up with terms of reference that are total bullshit…”

Wolf Orchestra


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