The Interfisch

Dear reader writer, the interfisch has called our bluff. Within this maze of smouldering rubble it deceives us yet again, weaving a terrifying intertwingled lemnisci from which the idle participant, observer, or disbeliever is at pains to extract their rightful share of chaos. For though this web of parafictional trickery appears to be spliced from utter randomness, it quickly assumes a diabolic pattern before it dissolves back into its primordial falsity; a falsity which, moreover, retains the interfisch's monstrous appetite for the absurd. quickly assumes a diabolic from randomness, but interfisch has called our bluff. a falsity which, moreover, back into its primordial pretense is utter chaos, the monstrous appetite for the absurd lemnisci of intertwingled trickery appears to be spliced Dear Reader/Writer, the from this maze of pattern before it dissolves smouldering rubble, whose interfisch deceives us yet retains the interfisch's again by weaving a terrifying This web of parafictional [not to mention partially faked cutups]

– Libarynth.guest - 11 Mar 2002

[the interfisch inhabits the space between dimensions. in its natural habitat it has no form. the fisch feeds by assimilating the thoughts of beings. once assimilated the thoughts become part of the interfisch + cease to be a food source. the fisch's insatiable appetite for unassimilated cognitive traces leads it into the dimensional universe. it can be felt in dreams + the subconscious. the fisch cannot survive in dimensional space + must frequently return to its home.]

– Resampling.guest - 11 Mar 2002

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