An evening dedicated to a degustation of smoke and vapour – the etherial phases of water and fire, infused in a select seasonal cuisine drawn from garden, forest and sea. A synaesthetic experiment where eating and breathing, food and sound commingle and dissolve. What does a smoked mushroom taste like when served on a cloud of rustling polyphony? What sound does a herbal infusion make while evaporating from a hot stone? In Smoke & Vapour, we explore sound composition and live improvisation as an integral part of a vegetal menu.

While one might be used to conversation being a key ingredient at a dinner party, in Smoke & Vapour we leave words behind to immerse ourselves in the rich experience of eating and listening. We guide the guests through a flowing sequence of tasting environments, each paired with dishes composed as edible soundscapes. An evening of delectable stillness and sensual abundance, where the mundane world evaporates in crucibles of misty flavour, scent and sound.


The chefs at work in the kitchen. More visual impressions from Smoke & Vapour can be found on FoAM's Flickr pages.

Arrival and Descent

The guests arrive, mill and chat in the foyer of the space. On a low table there is a glass bowl of water scented with mixed herbs and flowers for people to wash their hands. Drinks are served by a jovial barman. Bite-sized finger food arrives on sonic trays served by the gracious waiters and the two chefs. Read more...

Solitary Immersion

One by one the guests are led by the waiters into the solitary space. When seated, they receive a herbal water palate cleanser and are left to enjoy the dim lighting and incense smoke. Once everyone has taken their places, the lights go out; the solitary space is dimly illuminated with twelve candles. Read more...

Silent Convivium

The small sounds migrate from the tiny speakers to a voluminous sound raining down from the roof. At the same time, a sweet, zingy scent emerges from the far corner of the room. Finally a warm yellow light illuminates the convivium and the guests are invited to find their place at the tables. Read more...

Sweet Emergence

The doors to the kitchen are opened with the announcement that dessert is served. The guests walk into the kitchen, where the dishes have been prepared and presented. On the presentation table, still covered in notes and instructions the dessert spread is spiced with sound emanating from the table and around the room. Read more...

A reflection on creating Smoke & Vapour by Maja Kuzmanovic


Flow of the Smoke & Vapour evening, including food, drinks, sound, atmosphere and other elements that made up the event.

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