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Arrival and descent

Smoked potato skins
Fried potato skins, apple wood

Smoked eggs

Quail eggs in shells
herbal mayonnaise and smoked salt

Peppers in granular dust
Charred indoor peppers, smoked tomato mustard, dukkah crust and popping sugar

Nutty crackling and steamed orange syrup
Pistacho and egg white bread with orange carrot reduction

Effervescent drinks
On Pète la Soif
Sparkling water, smoked ice
Smoky mate tea, ginger, lemon, agave syrup

With a selection of crispy sounds

Solitary immersion

Cedar smoke
Atlas Cedar incense

Cobblestones in fragrant steam
Cobblestones, essential oils of rosemary and cedar

Herbal water
Purified water, sage and mint flower water, lemon juice

Algal reminiscences from forest and sea
Steamed rice variations, dulse, Icelandic moss, truffle oil, Piran fleur de sel, samphire and Australian bush tomato, matcha tea

Smoked mussel consommé
Smoked mussels, La Chouffe, blue onions

With silence and sound from the source

Silent convivium

Tea sorbet
Melissa, verbena, lemon, honey

Steamed garden
Steamed root vegetables, woody butter emulsion, edible soil

Beetroot cocktail

Quark dumpling with smoked tomato jam
Russian quark and semolina dumpling, sour cream
Smoked tomatoes, caramelised garlic, orange blossom water, Moroccan spices
Tim Adam's Tempranillo

Smoke gradients with forest mushrooms
Selection of forest mushrooms smoked in cedar wraps, smoked purple and white potatoes, tea-steamed spinach
De Struise Pannepot beer

Green antioxidant
Old world apple, celery, parsley

With the sound of transformation

Sweet emergence

Smoked cheeses
Goat, sheep and cow cheese, smoke, ash

Steamed smoked chestnuts
Chestnuts, Laphroaig PX Cask, Marron glacé, smoked cream

Smoked garlic tiramisu
Honey fermented smoked garlic, Laphroaig 10, Zacapa Rum, Feral Trade coffee, mascarpone, Savoiardi

Poached seasonal fruits
Quince, port, orange, Jamaican allspice

A selection of smoked caramels
Caramel, marshmallow, chocolate fudge, smoked salt
Milk caramel, smoked nuts

Coffee beans

Whiskey and cigars
Rye whiskey, Punt e Mes, Bitters, cigar-smoked cherry wood

Steamed tea
Milky Oolong
Shincha Wakama and yuzu peel

With tales and farewells from the cooks

The Smoke & Vapour crew: Rasa Alksnyte, Alkan Chipperfield, Hans Eelens, Nik Gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic, Raquel Santana de Morais, Pieter de Wel, Stevie Wishart, Jura De Wel

With ingredients from Kosie Hidama, e-farmz, Champigros, Q-O2, Ludo Engels, Crush Wine and other local growers, foragers and shopkeepers

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